My week in KDE: Licenses

This week I mainly worked on Licentia, a development companion app to help you choose a license for your project.


It shows a bunch of licenses, which one with a little description, it’s permissions, conditions and limitations, instructions about how to add it to your project and a list of known projects that use a license.


After using the UrlButton component in Licentia, I’ve noticed somethings that could be improved in the right-click menu, such as using the correct capitalization and adding a corresponding icon.

Capitalization Commit

Icon Commit


In the “Get new stuff” window that you can find when downloading new widgets or new themes, I’ve removed the now unneeded close button, since the window itself has a close button.


Contributions are Welcomed

If you’re interested in helping me with my little projects I would love any help, be it with code or with bug reporting.

Thank you for reading! :)