My week in KDE: Plasma, REUSE and Apps

This week I mainly worked on making my apps REUSE compliant, a bit on Plasma and on some new apps.


Plasma 5.25 was recently released, we added a lot of cool things, such as tinting windows with the accent color! check it out!

Digital Clock

The first thing I did was to name variables better in the digital clock “Copy to Clipboard” menu, hopefully this can make things more understandable and help making this bit of code more maintainable.


Touch Mode Keywords

Touch Mode configurability was added to System Settings but searching about it brought no results.

I added some keywords so now you can find this feature by searching in System Settings just fine.



I added REUSE compliance to my projects, it makes it clearer for everyone which parts of your software are under which license



Bravo is a text replacement utility, just type in what you want to replace, what you want to replace with and your text.


Francis is a pomodoro utility, after the 25 minutes interval it automatically starts a 5 minutes break. You can also set a goal to remind you why you’re doing this.

Pause, resume and stop features aren’t implemented, so yeah I should add that.

Contributions are Welcomed

If you’re interested in helping me with my little projects I would love any help, be it with code or with bug reporting.

Thank you for reading! :)