My week in KDE: Pomodoro and Lorem Ipsum

This week I mainly worked on the pomodoro and lorem ipsum apps. I also fixed some bugs on general KDE stuff.


In Plasma I fixed this bug, so now in the clipboard applet, the text preview will look a bit nicer when presenting tab characters.


In Kirigami Gallery I fixed this bug, adding Keywords to its .desktop file, this helps when searching for the Kirigami Gallery in application launchers.


New Icons

I’ve improved all my applications’ icons, now they are a little bit more polished. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a nice way to display those icons here in the blog post, so I guess the only way for you to see them is to use my applications! :)


Eloquens is an application targeted at developers and designers, it generates the lorem ipsum text and allows you to customize it a bit as well, like adding headings, lists, etc…

It’s currently in KDEREVIEW, which is a process new applications go through to become part of KDE officially!

I fixed a ton of stuff reviewers pointed out and hopefully it will have it’s first release soon!


Francis is a pomodoro application, I’ve talked about it in the last post as well. It improved a lot in this week, you can now start, pause and resume as well as resetting.

You can now see how many laps have occured so you can keep track of your time more easily.

You can also start/toggle the timer by pressing S and reset it by pressing R, don’t worry remembering these keyboard shortcuts, the toolbar buttons’ tooltips always display what keyboard shortcut triggers them.

It is fully keyboard-navigable, so you will never need to take your hands out of the keyboard. never again.

Contributions are Welcomed

If you’re interested in helping me with my little projects I would love any help, be it with code or with bug reporting.

Thank you for reading! :)