My week in KDE: slow but steady

This past 2 weeks I got sick but got some work done on Licentia and some other stuff got merged as well.


In Licentia I’ve made it more consistent, more accessible and added REUSE instructions to each license.

We also got our first merge request! It fixed a bug that prevented the scrollbar from showing on the licenses list. Thank you, Joshua.

Licentia it’s getting ready for its first release!


qqc2-desktop-style is the default style (on Plasma) that Kirigami application will use, this controls all sorta things, such as tooltips.

Now tooltips will wrap when hit a certain size, this makes everything way more readable.


Contributions are Welcomed

If you’re interested in helping me with my little projects I would love any help, be it with code or with bug reporting.

Thank you for reading! :)